Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is inside the Hot/Cold pack?
A. A specially formulated gel that remains pliable when cold. It does not crystallize, separate, or slump. It is very comfortable against your skin, will not shock you and will not cause you pain. Our special material means there is no need to wrap or cover your SofTouch.

Q. Are SofTouch safe?
A. Yes – they are Non-toxic, Biodegradable and velcro-compatible.

Q. Can I wash my Softouch?
A. Yes – Hand wash with a mild detergent or disinfectant spray. Let dry completely. This will not affect the performance of the product.

Q. How do I store them?
A. In the freezer or a cool, dry place. TIP! When storing in the freezer, consider storing your SofTouch in a plastic bag – like anything stored in a freezer, your SofTouch is susceptible to smells from other items in the freezer. This will keep your SofTouch smelling nice.

Q. Can I use it for both Hot & Cold?
A. Yes! The instructions included with your pack will explain how to heat or cool your pack.

Q. What does “as available” mean on the checkout page?
A. As available means that if we have the product in stock, we will ship it out as soon as possible (in most cases, by the next day.) However, since we do manufacture all of our products on site, sometimes we must make you a hot/cold pack or other item before we can ship it to you.

Rest assured that the method you pay for is the one that we ship according to.